Inspiration┬┤s and examples of how a setup could look like.

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Step one: Measure the surface you wish to cover, choose the style and finish of your floor.
Step two: Clean the surface, then lay the floor starting in one corner, easily connect the tiles with a simple click.
Step three: Enjoy your beautiful new floor! Tiles can easily be cut to size and you may use corner and end pieces for a perfectly seamless transition to the surface.
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Dimensions and Weights:

Nordic Styles:
– Finish: Dark finish and oiled finish
– Size per tile (L x W x H): 12 ” x 12 ” x 1″
– Wood slat thickness is 0.5″ , mounted on the elastic PVC resin with stainless steel wood screws
– Weight per tile:  1 3/4 lb
– Boxing standard: 10 tiles per box
– Box size (L x W x H): 25.5 ”  x 13.5″  x 5.5 ”
– Box weight: 22 lb
Corner and end pieces/trims for a lofted and smooth transition.

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Nordic Style allows you to build a new flooring in just minutes. Click the pieces together and build the floor. Each tile has connecting holes and pins that build the click mechanism to put the tiles together and interlock them. Therefore this system is also very maintenance friendly – if for any reason a tile needs to be exchanged, just un-click it and click-in a replacement tile in the spot. Furthermore, if installed on a roof-top terrace, if there is a roof leak, there is NO NEED FOR DEMOLITION, just unclick the tiles, locate and fix the roof leak and re-click the tiles.
To fit the Teak Nordic Style tiles in a given area, it can be cut using the appropriate sawing and cutting tools.